Richmond Fontaine

6 03 2010

Cabaret Voltaire


Portland, Oregon’s own Richmond Fontaine passed through Edinburgh on Saturday, and Matthew from Song, By Toad was lucky enough to get an interview with the band’s frontman Willy Vlautin. As well as being a great singer-songwriter, Willy’s also an accomplished novellist, with the three critically-acclaimed novels to his name.  Matthew has posted the interview over at his site, and it’s well worth a look. Willy was great company and it was a pleasure to help with the interview (I did the video filming and stills photography) and just sit and watch the conversation unfold. The man is a compelling storyteller; natural, warm and witty. And the gig was pretty damned good too!



One response

12 03 2010

Lovely photos. It was fantastic to see the interview with Willy, as well as seeing some of the songs from the gig captured on film. I was lucky enough to catch the band 3 times on this tour, and seeing the video made me feel as if I was back there! Good work to everyone involoved!

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