Homegame 2010

13 03 2010



Fish n’ Chips. Whisky in tea. Video filming. Photo taking. Interview recording. Rhubarb pie. Legends. Smugglers. Making up songs about bacon. Whisky, cheese and oatcakes upstairs at AIA. Ice cream. Watching the rugby in the pub. Cans of ‘bow in Legends. Conga. Conga. Conga. No signal. The magnificently pissed landlord at the West End bar in Pittenweem. Spinach & Ricotta rolls. Disturbing the bowls club at the Hew Scott. Hip flasks. Brilliantly mad French musicians. Fish-eye photos. Hanging out on the town hall steps. The Ship Tavern. King Creosote’s nth bit of strange in umpteen years. Homegame 7.

Click these links for more photos from Homegame 2010:
Player Piano
Withered Hand
Findo Gask
Benni Hemm Hemm
King Creosote
Men Diamler
Silver Columns

Found + Eagleowl + The Oates Field
Cold Seeds




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