Jonnie Common’s Deskjob

13 04 2011

Featuring Panda Su, Meursault, The Oates Field, Inspector Tapehead, Autistic Angus, Conquering Animal Sound, Eagleowl and Jonnie Common

The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

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Jonnie Common‘s a clever lad. He had the idea to ask a selection of Scotland’s leading musical lights to send him stripped-down performances of some their songs so he could mess about with them, which they did. He then squirrelled himself away, adding layers of bleeps and bloops and rattles and crashes to the artists’ guide tracks, as is his wont; and the result is Deskjob. And, of course, it’s brilliant. These photos are from the launch night in Glasgow, and if you’re quick you can buy a copy here, otherwise you’ll have to pick up a copy next time you’re at one of the bands’ shows.





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