Withered Hand, Samantha Crain and Mike MacFarlane

27 11 2011

The Ides Of Toad – November

Henry’s Cellar Bar


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Mike MacFarlane was genuinely nervous about appearing on the same bill as one of his favourite singer-songwriters; Dan Willson of Withered Hand, while Dan was in turn really excited about being on stage with visiting Oklahoman (is that how you say it?) Samantha Crain, of whom he was a big fan. Sam herself just took it all in her stride.

Incidentally,  if you click here, you can catch an interview we did as part of the Hobnobbing With Posh Oli series on Live From The Latin Quarter with all three performers in the pub after show.


John Knox Sex Club, Easter and Fuzzy Star

1 10 2011

The Ides Of Toad – October

Henry’s Cellar Bar


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I’m a little late with these, I’ll be the first to admit. It’s been a busy couple of months. Matthew over at Toad International Holdings Inc. put this little show on as part of his October Ides Of Toad series of gigs. Some of these photos are a little blurred and wonky – and I kinda like that – it suits the combination of confrontation and skewed charm provided by Fuzzy Star, Easter and The John Knox Sex Club. A splendid evening’s entertainment all round – if memory serves.

Viva Stereo, Mike Nisbet and Little Pebble

9 09 2011

City Café


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Dougie from Viva Stereo dropped me a line to see if I wanted to take some photos at this show after I’d given him one of my little cards at Homegame this year. I’d heard a lot of good things about Viva Stereo so was keen to head along, particularly with the highly regarded Mike Nisbet and the legend that is Little Pebble on the bill too. It was a great night – looking forward to the next one!

Retreat! 2011

28 08 2011

Pilrig St. Paul’s Church Hall


Here’s a few shots from this year’s fantastic Retreat! festival, laid on for us again by Tracer Trails. I was covering the afternoon shifts so caught photos of the mysterious Burger, No Burger; along with a great electronica set from FOUND, the first chance for me to see Fur Hood who were brilliant, and an all-star set from the Rob St John experience. Then on Sunday I caught a bit of eagleowl before battery problems scuppered any photoing for the rest of the day. So all I could do was sit back, get a bit drunk and enjoy the show!

Miaoux Miaoux, Capitals, Over The Wall and Meursault

25 07 2011

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut


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Big line-up for a big gig at Tut’s. Fantastic night and well worth the trip over to the Weedge. Great performances from all concerned: Miaoux Miaoux, Capitals, Over The Wall and Meursault, hence the dozens of photos in this set!


16 07 2011

Toad Session

4th and Toad

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Lach, considered by many to be the godfather of the Antifolk scene that spawned the likes of Beck, The Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis etc. is a New Yorker who has recently moved to Edinburgh after successfully transferring his legendary Antihoot club nights from their original base in Manhattan to the Gilded Balloon for last year‘s Festival Fringe. He’s resurrecting the show at the same venue this year – drop him a line if you fancy taking part – alongside appearing in his own one-man show, entitled The Waitress, The Walls and The Weirdos. In the meantime the Toad Session he recorded during a brief spot of downtime last year has finally found its way online to coincide not only with year’s festival, but also with the release of his brilliant new album, Ramshackle Heart, out on Song, By Toad records now.

Ramshackle Heart

Alex Cornish Toad House Gig

7 06 2011

Toad Towers


Edinburgh troubadour par excellence Alex Cornish was spotted performing live round at Matthew Toad‘s. He’d brought with him a string quartet, just to beef up the sound a little bit, and it really was quite stunning. The living room at Toad Towers has hosted many types of music from subtle electronica, through folksy strummers to swivel-eyed punk noiseniks. I don’t think it’s ever sounded better than with that string section.

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