April Foolstock

1 04 2012

The Clock Café


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April 1st 2012 saw the proposed amendment to the Civic Government Act, which would mean that “free entry to public entertainment events would require to be licensed, pass into law. In response an esteemed group of local musicians organised precisely the sort of event that would be, from that date, illegal under the act. Unfortunately I got there a bit late to catch eagleowl‘s opening set, but I did see Fuzzystar, Jamie from Broken Records, Neil from Meursault and Wounded Knee.  A few dozen enthusiastic punters filled Leith’s Clock Café to spend a beautifully sunny spring afternoon by The Shore as desperate outlaws; and to join some of Edinburgh’s finest musicians in protesting against this hopelessly misguided and potentially disastrous new law. And it must be said we all had a fine old time sticking it to the man. 


Broken Records

3 04 2011

The Caves


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The awesome Broken Records managed to drag the crowds in from a sunny Sunday afternoon and pack The Caves during Haddowfest for a Sunday matinée set that was definitely more Guns Of Navarone than Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The band forgot it was a Sunday and delivered a barnstorming Saturday night set; and afterwards the crowd staggered, blinking and grinning, back into the afternoon sunshine having had any cobwebs thoroughly blown away.

Toad New Year’s Eve House Gig

31 12 2009

Featuring Virgin Of The Birds and Broken Records

Toad Towers

Song, By Toad’s New Year’s party was a splendid way to see off the last decade, particularly as we were treated to up-close-and-personal sets from two acts who each had a big year in 2009. The evening kicked off with Jon from Seattle’s Virgin Of The Birds, a band who, with Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant, were responsible for one of the best songs of 2009. He was followed by local boys Jamie and Rory from Broken Records, who were having a well-earned festive break at home after a year which saw pretty much constant touring following the release of their debut album.

Toad’s got videos of the performances over there which you really should go and see. There’s one post for the Virgin Of The Birds videos , and a separate post for the Broken Records videos. They really are rather good.

The photos may look warm and cosy, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t all get ridiculously drunk later on to complete a night that saw in the new year in some style!

Song, By Toad Christmas Panto

12 12 2009

The Bowery

Featuring Rob St. John, Ruth & Rory, Thomas Western, Inspector Tapehead and Jesus H. Foxx

Sorry, did I write ‘panto’? I meant to say ‘party’ of course. The pantomime didn’t start until much later that night. Early December seems like a very long time ago as I write this, which was when the annual opportunity to celebrate all things Toad with a stellar line-up of performers took place. Two of our favourite bards, Rob St. John and Thomas Western, silenced the bawdy boozehounds through in the bar, each with an equally captivating performance. While in the main gig room we were introduced to a fascinating new direction that Rory from Broken Records has been exploring, accompanied by Bowery boss and occasional Jesus H. Foxx vixen Ruth on the violin. Later Inspector Tapehead and the aforementioned Foxxsters took to the stage with brilliant full-band sets.

The evening was bloody fantastic, but it also had a hint of sadness to it, as it was the last night The Bowery as we know it would be in existence. Ruth and Jane have moved on to new things, and the unique and irreplaceable venue they worked so hard to create has been absorbed into the plans for the revamped Roxy Art House.

In its short lifetime, The Bowery became one of the most important hubs for the grassroots arts and music scene in Edinburgh, and one of the city’s best-loved venues. To many it just felt like home.

Ruth and Jane, and countless collaborators, worked hard to offer an unhesitating and inspiring helping hand to local acts, while bringing unexpected and amazing performers from further afield – often abroad – to the Edinburgh audience. It’s difficult to get that combination right, and these guys absolutlely nailed it.

It will be impossible to replace, but Ruth has promised that it won’t be last we hear from The Bowery, even if in future it’s not under the same roof; and, looking forward, it’s reassuring to learn that some reliable and familiar hands will be at the tiller of the new Roxy as it sets off on its own journey, hopefully making the most of the fantastic spaces and rooms the building has to offer.

But for now it’s probably best to raise a cocktail in a china tea-cup to Ruth and Jane, and to the brilliant memories they’ve left us with.

Broken Records

8 05 2009

The Bowery


Broken Records somehow managed to cram all twenty-three band members and all their gear onto the stage at The Bowery, to cap off This Is Music‘s third birthday party. The guy from The Guardian said this band won’t be playing small venues much longer, I’m not sure I entirely agree. Oh they’ll play bigger shows; but I think they enjoy these intimate little gigs far too much to ever give them up completely!

Broken Records

8 11 2008

Elvis Shakespeare

Leith Walk, Edinburgh

The lads made some dramatic in-store appearances at a selection of Scotland’s leading record stores, to promote the release of their new single Lies which is available on their MySpace.

These photos are from their show at the legendary Elvis Shakespeare on Leith Walk.

Broken Records

1 11 2008

Lies Single Launch

With Eagleowl and Sparrow & The Workshop

Lies – Broken Records’ new single – is available to buy now from their MySpace.

Don’t forget to check out Sparrow & The Workshop and Eagleowl, too.

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