April Foolstock

1 04 2012

The Clock Café


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April 1st 2012 saw the proposed amendment to the Civic Government Act, which would mean that “free entry to public entertainment events would require to be licensed, pass into law. In response an esteemed group of local musicians organised precisely the sort of event that would be, from that date, illegal under the act. Unfortunately I got there a bit late to catch eagleowl‘s opening set, but I did see Fuzzystar, Jamie from Broken Records, Neil from Meursault and Wounded Knee.  A few dozen enthusiastic punters filled Leith’s Clock Café to spend a beautifully sunny spring afternoon by The Shore as desperate outlaws; and to join some of Edinburgh’s finest musicians in protesting against this hopelessly misguided and potentially disastrous new law. And it must be said we all had a fine old time sticking it to the man. 


Miaoux Miaoux, Capitals, Over The Wall and Meursault

25 07 2011

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut


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Big line-up for a big gig at Tut’s. Fantastic night and well worth the trip over to the Weedge. Great performances from all concerned: Miaoux Miaoux, Capitals, Over The Wall and Meursault, hence the dozens of photos in this set!


6 05 2011

Homegame 2011

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The Massacre Cave
Cate Le Bon
Kid Canaveral
King Creosote & The Earlies
Nathan Fake
Player Piano
James Yorkston
Josh T. Pearson
Khartoum Heroes

Jonnie Common’s Deskjob

13 04 2011

Featuring Panda Su, Meursault, The Oates Field, Inspector Tapehead, Autistic Angus, Conquering Animal Sound, Eagleowl and Jonnie Common

The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

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Jonnie Common‘s a clever lad. He had the idea to ask a selection of Scotland’s leading musical lights to send him stripped-down performances of some their songs so he could mess about with them, which they did. He then squirrelled himself away, adding layers of bleeps and bloops and rattles and crashes to the artists’ guide tracks, as is his wont; and the result is Deskjob. And, of course, it’s brilliant. These photos are from the launch night in Glasgow, and if you’re quick you can buy a copy here, otherwise you’ll have to pick up a copy next time you’re at one of the bands’ shows.


Meursault, Jonnie Common and Conquering Animal Sound

2 04 2011


The Voodoo Rooms


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From their fortress in the Voodoo Rooms Ballroom, the wily old generals of Limbo marshalled the formidable forces of Jonnie CommonConquering Animal Sound and Meursault and dropped a laser-guided cluster-bomb of brilliance into the midst of last Saturday night in Edinburgh. Rear-admiral Common and the specialist Animal Sound unit both have albums to promote, while the Meursault regiment are running their highly-anticipated new recruits through boot camp. It all looks very promising for a successful assault on the front line.

Lach’s Antihoot

7 08 2010

Gilded Balloon at the Teviot

6th – 29th August 2010
12:30 to 3am

New York Antifolk mastermind Lach has transplanted his legendary open mic night from Manhattan to Edinburgh for a run at this year’s Fringe. If you want to take part, just like Yusuf Azak and Neil from Meursault did, just get in touch and they’ll fit you onto the bill!

Matthew has also put a few videos up on Song, By Toad, if you fancied a look at those too.

Limbo at Knockengorroch Festival 2010

29 05 2010

Featuring Withered Hand, Meursault, FOUND, and Over The Wall

Somewhere in a forest in Scotland

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Limbo hit the road to pitch a tent at Knockengorroch 2010, and invited some of the luminaries from their regular line-ups along. Withered Hand, Meursault, FOUND and Over The Wall all made the trip. Details remain sketchy about who made it home.

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