Samantha Crain

1 02 2013

Toad Session

Toad Hall


Here’s the photos from the Toad Session we did last time Samantha Crain was over here from Oklahoma. We did a lot of different things with Sam during that trip, actually, along with the Toad Session. We did an interview for Live From The Latin Quarter, there was a live show at Henry’s, and a slightly unhinged Posh Oli interview. It was all a lot of fun, as it goes!


Withered Hand, Samantha Crain and Mike MacFarlane

27 11 2011

The Ides Of Toad – November

Henry’s Cellar Bar


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Mike MacFarlane was genuinely nervous about appearing on the same bill as one of his favourite singer-songwriters; Dan Willson of Withered Hand, while Dan was in turn really excited about being on stage with visiting Oklahoman (is that how you say it?) Samantha Crain, of whom he was a big fan. Sam herself just took it all in her stride.

Incidentally,  if you click here, you can catch an interview we did as part of the Hobnobbing With Posh Oli series on Live From The Latin Quarter with all three performers in the pub after show.

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