Retreat! 2011

28 08 2011

Pilrig St. Paul’s Church Hall


Here’s a few shots from this year’s fantastic Retreat! festival, laid on for us again by Tracer Trails. I was covering the afternoon shifts so caught photos of the mysterious Burger, No Burger; along with a great electronica set from FOUND, the first chance for me to see Fur Hood who were brilliant, and an all-star set from the Rob St John experience. Then on Sunday I caught a bit of eagleowl before battery problems scuppered any photoing for the rest of the day. So all I could do was sit back, get a bit drunk and enjoy the show!


Lone Pigeon and The Pictish Trail

14 04 2011

Pilrig St. Paul’s Church Hall


Goodness me, that was a dark stage! Almost no light on it at all apart from that one angle poise desklamp, which was pointed straight down toward the piano keyboard. I could have used an infra-red sniper scope rather than just my new wide-aperture lens! Still, it’s all part of the learning curve, and at least I managed to tease one or two pictures of The Pictish Trail and Lone Pigeon out from the gloom.

Homegame 2010

13 03 2010



Fish n’ Chips. Whisky in tea. Video filming. Photo taking. Interview recording. Rhubarb pie. Legends. Smugglers. Making up songs about bacon. Whisky, cheese and oatcakes upstairs at AIA. Ice cream. Watching the rugby in the pub. Cans of ‘bow in Legends. Conga. Conga. Conga. No signal. The magnificently pissed landlord at the West End bar in Pittenweem. Spinach & Ricotta rolls. Disturbing the bowls club at the Hew Scott. Hip flasks. Brilliantly mad French musicians. Fish-eye photos. Hanging out on the town hall steps. The Ship Tavern. King Creosote’s nth bit of strange in umpteen years. Homegame 7.

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Player Piano
Withered Hand
Findo Gask
Benni Hemm Hemm
King Creosote
Men Diamler
Silver Columns

Found + Eagleowl + The Oates Field
Cold Seeds

The Fence Collective

23 05 2009

King Creosote, The Pictish Trail, Found, Player Piano

GRV, Edinburgh

We were treated to a triumphant post-Homegame hoe-down from a selection of Fence Collective luminaries at the GRV. Individually, the line-up was announced as Player Piano, Found, The Pictish Trail and King Creosote. However, they all spent so much time on stage with each other, as Fence traditions dictate, that it hardly seemed to matter! Great stuff.

Homegame 2009

17 04 2009



So this is pretty much all I got from Homegame 2009, a selection from the Friday night’s entertainment. I left my camera switched on overnight on the Friday night and so the battery was flat by Saturday morning. The moral of the story is of course; if you’re daft enough to disable the auto-shutdown feature on your camera, remember to take your charger with you!

Oh well, better luck next year hopefully!

The Pictish Trail

28 03 2009

Toad Session

Toad Towers

Johnny Lynch has added the name of The Pictish Trail to the roster of the legendary Toad Sessions. See the full session courtesy of Matthew over at Song, By Toad.  It really is rather good.

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