Samantha Crain

1 02 2013

Toad Session

Toad Hall


Here’s the photos from the Toad Session we did last time Samantha Crain was over here from Oklahoma. We did a lot of different things with Sam during that trip, actually, along with the Toad Session. We did an interview for Live From The Latin Quarter, there was a live show at Henry’s, and a slightly unhinged Posh Oli interview. It was all a lot of fun, as it goes!


Kid Canaveral Toad Session

22 02 2012

Toad World


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This session took place in the autumn of 1937, as I recall. We’d just taken delivery of a shiny new motor carriage called a Morris Eight and we all headed off for a run to the seaside before returning to Toad Towers to record this onto wax cylinders which were then to be broadcast on the wireless. Well, perhaps it wasn’t that long ago – but it was certainly quite a while. You can read Matthew making his own excuses and watch the videos over on Toad, but it was still a fantastic day hanging out with the Canaveral Kids; and that huge pan of chili was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


16 07 2011

Toad Session

4th and Toad

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Lach, considered by many to be the godfather of the Antifolk scene that spawned the likes of Beck, The Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis etc. is a New Yorker who has recently moved to Edinburgh after successfully transferring his legendary Antihoot club nights from their original base in Manhattan to the Gilded Balloon for last year‘s Festival Fringe. He’s resurrecting the show at the same venue this year – drop him a line if you fancy taking part – alongside appearing in his own one-man show, entitled The Waitress, The Walls and The Weirdos. In the meantime the Toad Session he recorded during a brief spot of downtime last year has finally found its way online to coincide not only with year’s festival, but also with the release of his brilliant new album, Ramshackle Heart, out on Song, By Toad records now.

Ramshackle Heart

The Scottish Enlightenment

5 06 2011

Toad Session

Maison Toad

The Scottish Enlightenment have now been added to the list of luminaries to have recorded for the legendary Toad Sessions. The band stamped their authority on proceedings by performing with a full electric set-up, and it sounded great. Make sure you don’t miss the session videos and podcast over on Toad.

Mumford & Sons

9 04 2010

Toad Session

Toad Towers

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The magnificent Mumford & Sons have come a long way since that night two years ago when we popped over to see them at the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow and first had a chat with them. It was nice to find out they’ve been looking forward to doing a Toad Session since then, and to finally get them in to get it done. Oh, and the performances were amazing. Make sure you check out the  full session over at Song, By Toad.


13 03 2010

Toad Session

Toad HQ

As the first bright blues and yellows of spring cast vivid black shapes on the still-cold ground, it seems an awful long time ago that we escaped from the shadowless grey of December’s bleak death pallor to hide in a darkened room with hot tea, satsumas and Eagleowl.

Toad New Year’s Eve House Gig

31 12 2009

Featuring Virgin Of The Birds and Broken Records

Toad Towers

Song, By Toad’s New Year’s party was a splendid way to see off the last decade, particularly as we were treated to up-close-and-personal sets from two acts who each had a big year in 2009. The evening kicked off with Jon from Seattle’s Virgin Of The Birds, a band who, with Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant, were responsible for one of the best songs of 2009. He was followed by local boys Jamie and Rory from Broken Records, who were having a well-earned festive break at home after a year which saw pretty much constant touring following the release of their debut album.

Toad’s got videos of the performances over there which you really should go and see. There’s one post for the Virgin Of The Birds videos , and a separate post for the Broken Records videos. They really are rather good.

The photos may look warm and cosy, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t all get ridiculously drunk later on to complete a night that saw in the new year in some style!

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