April Foolstock

1 04 2012

The Clock Café


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April 1st 2012 saw the proposed amendment to the Civic Government Act, which would mean that “free entry to public entertainment events would require to be licensed, pass into law. In response an esteemed group of local musicians organised precisely the sort of event that would be, from that date, illegal under the act. Unfortunately I got there a bit late to catch eagleowl‘s opening set, but I did see Fuzzystar, Jamie from Broken Records, Neil from Meursault and Wounded Knee.  A few dozen enthusiastic punters filled Leith’s Clock Café to spend a beautifully sunny spring afternoon by The Shore as desperate outlaws; and to join some of Edinburgh’s finest musicians in protesting against this hopelessly misguided and potentially disastrous new law. And it must be said we all had a fine old time sticking it to the man. 


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